SharePoint Idea Management


  • Linde requires to get all new ideas from different country and functions using approval from Functional Productivity
  • The key objective of the tool is to have an approval mechanism


  • Requestors can enter new productivity ideas for review and approval by the
  • Functional Productivity Champions must be able to review the Productivity Idea request and approve it .
  • If any changes are required the request status must be changed to More information
  • The requestor receives the More information status notifications and takes necessary actions according to the approver


  • Power app forms are developed for Requestor to fill new Productivity Idea
  • Power automation build is used for all email
  • Once the request is submitted, requestor and respective functional productivity champion receive the email
  • Based on this information, Functional Productivity Champions Can review the request and
  • Approver can request for more information if a change is required in the existing
  • Requestor receives notifications of the changes to be done and takes the necessary