What’s Life like at Katpro?

Want to play a stellar role in the next magnum opus, Cognitive Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots? Do you think you have the spunk or that chutzpah in you? Want to make a difference to the company you are working for? Want to bring mutually benefitting ideas to the table?

If you think, “Yes. Of course,” to even one or more of the above queries or shared thoughts, then you can think of a career with us at Katpro. The hallmark of the services we offer is in the areas of SharePoint, Azure, AI, Cognitive Learning, Analytics, Product Engineering, Cloud Services, Machine Learning, and Chatbots. And with our innovative, ingenious products, services and solutions we aim to undeniably become a market leader.

“You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own.”

-D.M. Dell

The nature of our work, coupled with the work culture, adaptability, the grooming ground we offer all our employees to excel and grow, the perfect platform we offer for diverse minds and personalities to meet, greet and grow, makes our workplace the place you want to be in, where you can bring more of you any day, every day.

Being a part of the Katpro bandwagon

Your questions and the quest to excel are answered here at Katpro. And if you instinctively think this is it! Then, yes! We think you do have that energy in you and you are welcome to join the club.

Yes. Complementing qualities, the knowhow, experience, the drive, and passion are key differentiators and we provide the perfect milieu for you at Katpro. And to make you feel right at home, the environment, your recompense, and the work culture are key highlights.

Tracing your career path- From here to there...

When choosing to work with us means joining an organization that would definitely make an impact on you. You can discover yourself here, your strengths, positives, and help foster your ideas. Maximize on opportunities that present itself, engage in lateral moves within, learn, train and upskill yourself through innovating, pioneering, and path-breaking solutions.

At Katpro, be a part of something embryonic, and emergent…

Project Managers (.Net, SharePoint )

No. of openings 02
Experience 7-10 years

Team Lead (SharePoint)

No. of openings 01
Experience 5-7 years

Sr .Net Developers

No. of openings 15
Experience 4-5 years

Sr. SharePoint Developers

No. of openings 04
Experience 4-5 years

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