Business Process Automation Solutions

Business Process Automation Solutions

To make sure that your employees do not skip steps in workflows, abandon tasks prior to completion, repeat activities without any need or overlook important details, it is crucial to establish standardized processes. A proper set of processes can ensure conformity and compliance in how your business operates, and maintains consistency over repeated recurring executions. Leveraging a business process automation (BPA) solution can especially be advantageous for you in this situation.

BPA implies to the system of programmatically incorporating and codifying a set of connected software applications with the aim of automating workflows and processes across the departments of a business, without any kind of human intervention. Rather than putting emphasis on particular business activities, BPA is focused on overall processes. Business Process Automation Companies like Katprotech can especially help companies to steer away from the traditional excel based and paper-intensive processes, and move to a complete mobile/web based solution that facilitates transaction efficiency and greater turn-around time. It also aids in improving communication, and cutting down omissions and expenses.

Importance of BPA

Business Process Automation Solutions are helpful in improving compliance, so that companies do not run afoul of regulations, and end up incurring expensive penalties. It also aids in applying controls to a company to mitigate theft and fraud within a business. With BPA, it also becomes easier to speed up processes, and hence work is completed faster at a company, with reduced repetitive manual efforts.

Business Process Automation is also helpful in standardizing the processes of a company, which ultimately contributes towards eliminating prejudice and biases that employees might bring to any activity. It also considerably reduces errors and boosts efficiencies, thereby boosting not only the experiences of the employees but also that of the customers. With the consistent rise in the number of tech-savvy consumers, companies are driven to explore tech-solutions that can allow for smooth information exchange and real-time interaction. As automation plays a key role in maximizing customer satisfaction, modern consumers are rapidly seeking out state-of-the-art solutions, including robotics.

As one of the leading Business Process Automation Companies in the modern landscape, Katprotech provides access to a comprehensive process library that significantly aids in expediting process transformation and is readily deployable. This firm has been a pioneer in business process automation since 2011 and maintains a BPA framework that accelerates strategic initiatives across business excellence and allows for service experience enhancement. They especially specialize in developing process automation solutions and workflows with the usage of Microsoft technologies like SharePoint.

Advantages of Business Process Automation

Operational efficiencies

BPA makes it possible to create efficiencies by cutting down the work involved in certain processes, or by reducing payroll expenses by limiting the requirement for the additional workforce as business operations continue to grow.


With BPA, it becomes easier to speed up processes as work is completed with less repetition and gets automated.


Helps augment employee experience and considerably relieves workers of monotonous work, which ultimately leads to better morale and productivity.

Governance and controls

It becomes easier to maintain compliance with BPA and ensures that business organizations do not end up breaking important regulations.

Cost reduction

Optimal use of time enabled through BPA helps companies to accelerate their output without having to expand their workforce. They can even cut down on payroll expenses and still manage to deliver the level of output.

Workforce allocation

BPA makes it easier to reassign work to the employees that shall be better suited to their talents.

The majority of companies use Business Process Automation Solutions today for the purpose of managing workflows, dataflows, projects, knowledge assets, self-service platforms, and portfolios. Manufacturing, trading, healthcare, banking and telecommunications additionally are some of the industries that most heavily use BPA today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can BPM help the efficiency level of my company?

With BPM, you can make sure that standard procedures are defined and followed by your company, and competently manage soft and hard resources relevant to these activities. It can also assist in automating routine yet repetitive activities, and support individuals whose expertise is needed for non‐routine tasks.

Can BPM be called a “technology” or a “methodology”?

It can be called both. BPM is used as a methodology when it comes to testing, modeling, improving, and deploying business processes within a firm. On the other hand, it is used as technology when tools like SharePoint are used to systematically apply a methodology.

Is BPM only needed for mission-critical activities?

BPM can be used for both routine and mission-critical tasks.

Is BPM meant for the managerial department or the
ones associated with technology?

Both. Subsequent to its implementation, BPM can be useful for professionals with diverse skill sets, present at distinguished levels in an organization.

How can I start using BPM?

To get started with BPM, you simply need to contact any well-established company offering such solutions.

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