Intelligent cloud computing lifts villages out of water poverty

A research team is using Azure to track groundwater levels in impoverished communities by tracking the data from hand-pumped wells in the region to monitor aquifer health and devise ways to deliver improved wel...


Move to the Cloud with Azure

In this week’s video, Katpro Technologies Inc looks at four companies–ASOS, British Airways, Rockwell Automation, and GEICO–to learn how the Microsoft Azure cloud helps them succeed in their r...


5 Strategies for Moving your Business to the Cloud

When a small company finds itself growing, it often faces serious challenges in maintaining an IT infrastructure capable of keeping up with the rest of the business. Leveraging cloud implementations can provide...


GEICO turbocharges insurance innovation with Microsoft Azure

In this new clip, Katpro Technologies Inc shows you how auto insurance giant GEICO is adopting a DevOps strategy and transitioning development to Microsoft Azure. With the Microsoft technology stack and ecosyst...


Customer Story: SharePoint Document Management

Challenge An IEEE / ISO certified Client which provides solution for electrical Survey, Design, Supply, installations, commissioning and selling products in the field of earthing and lighting protection syst...


Customer Story: Last Minute Booking Mobile and Web App

Challenge This product is about booking decent hotels at the last minute for the corporate person mainly prefers to plan their travel out of stations at the last minutes and take advantage of this App to boo...


Customer Story: Supplier Portal

Challenge A globally recognized Automotive and Aero Space Company who has manufacturing facility across North America region and around other parts of the world, wants to develop the SharePoint Portal for th...


Customer Story – Supply Chain Management

Challenge An US based leading Global Shipping Service Company which transit Out of Guage Shipping of OverSized products and equipments through Containers that exceed the dimension of shipping container and n...


How attach SharePoint documents to an email

SYNC A LIBRARY VIA ONEDRIVE CLIENT, THEN ATTACH FROM YOUR SYNCED FOLDER Download OneDrive Client and sync your folder with SharePoint Library.  Open the files from the synced folders and attach one or ...


Customer story: City of Corona

Kyle wants the best for his community and family; that’s why he chooses to serve his city. As an IT pro, Kyle saw problems with how the local government used IT. To connect the many departments of the Cor...

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