Accelerate your business with the right online meeting solution – Infographic

Never underestimate the power of collaboration. When your customers can bring up to 250 participants together–with a single click, from any device–great ideas and winning strategies are the result. ...


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Powerful collaboration tools lead to winning innovation. Sign up for emails that keep you posted on how we can help your company grow.  Subscribe Now View: Don’t Miss Another Post from Katpro Technol...

Secure your data in the cloud with Azure

Move your data to the cloud with Azure – Infographic

What matters more than data protection? Nothing. With your customers’ data in the #Azure cloud, they gain not only agility, cost savings (up to 50 percent), and competitive advantage–but also the be...


2019 Social Media Content Calendar

Have your ever worried about generating new content daily for various social media. Here is a ready made solution to give you a head start with content creation ideas for your business or your customers. Downlo...


Drag and Drop Files in SharePoint

The “Drag and Drop” feature is one of the very useful features in SharePoint Online and On Premise SharePoint. You can use this to drag and drop files from SharePoint Document Libraries or from Windows Folders....

Increase employee engagement

10 Ways to Build a Strong Team

Learn about 10 strategies for improving communication across your teams. This infographic explains how open communication can improve company culture and competitiveness. Read More…


Broadclyst School–Communicating with Skype

In this new clip, Katpro Technologies Inc shows how Microsoft Office 365 with Skype for Business facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among student teams across geographies. Skype’s video...


A Customer Data Platform Picks Up Where CRM Leaves Off

If you’re not leveraging the power of a customer data platform, you might not truly understand your customers. With big data and a modern data platform, your business can drive customer experience to new ...


Missing Children Society of Canada

Helping find children isn’t an easy business, but Missing Children Society of Canada is using Microsoft Azure and Xamarin to leverage Canada’s social networks to bring missing children home. Azure g...


Realizing The Potential Of Big Data And Analytics

It’s not what you know. It’s what you do with what you know. That’s something companies worldwide will be learning–for better or worse–in the coming year when it comes to big data....

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