Azure Synapse Migration

Migrating to Azure Synapse

Enterprise Data Warehouse solution on Azure is a best in class platform that includes Data Lake, Data Engineering, Data Visualization using Power BI and builtin Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

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Our Approach


Assessment is the first step in our approach to migrate to Azure Synapse. Our best practices from various projects enable us to analyze your data infrastructure landscape and plan for a successful migration to Azure Synapse.


Using our automated tools and script development we will apply the learnings from the assessment we have done and ensure the candidate silos we take are successful.


Our architects work with your team and identify where we need custom wrappers to be developed to cleanse, or convert the data from the source and legacy applications, we create the data pipelines using tools and frameworks so the end result is as per the business needs defined.

Validation and SignOff

No project is a success without a thorough data validation and testing strategy and ours is based on experience and relying on automation to ensure that the assessment and migration has gone through strict validation of data integrity and cleanliness.









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Migration Strategy

Our award winning migration approach for Snowflake takes care of all aspects of the current data warehouse landscape and plans to effectively use the industry tools for various operations such as data ingestion, scheduling, pipeline, ETL, data loading and others.A typical sample our how our architecture for snowflake migration is showing in the diagram here.
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With this simple workflow, we stay connected with our customer every step of the way, carrying out migration in a satisfactory manner. Use our migration services at Katpro Technologies, and you can consistently migrate all your on-premise processes, software and servers to the cloud with zero hassle and zero downtime.

Why Azure Synapse


Easy management of almost all advanced database operations using simple to use UI, with almost near zero maintenance. Easy to use programming using ANSI SQL with simple to use visual query editor allows for easy learning.


Azure Synapse provides built in security and it encrypts all data at rest. Increased security with multi factor authentication and single sign on integration ensures customer data is in safe hands.


Azure Synapse allows real time monitoring and alerts for important triggers such as security issues or suspicious events. Custom alerts also allow better preparedness and improved decision making, enabling database administrators better control.


With just a click of a button, Azure Synapse can auto scale and suspend compute for lower loads giving better bang for the buck. Cost optimization is the core aspect of why one should migrate to Snowflake.


With a tonne of partner tools and OEM tools such as Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, it allows better integrations with third party tools so your investments are effective.

Data Marketplace

Azure Synapse is the only platform that has seamless integration with data providers from its data marketplace, so there is only one version of truth and preventing data duplication and security issues as well.

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