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Free Azure Assessments help the organizations to learn, understand the difficulties to move to the cloud. It is the first step to the cloud transformation journey that focuses on providing best counsel and options for the enterprise based on their business requirements and objectives. Leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform is a great way for businesses to tap into the growing popularity and amazing potential of the cloud-based workflow. With KatPro Technologies you can now devise the perfect cloud strategy exclusively for your business, with our experience on building awareness, ensuring analysis and enabling adoption of cloud-based services. This is precisely where KatPro Tech’s extensive experience an established Microsoft Azure Circle Partner comes to the fore.

Advantage of our structured cloud assessment services

Awareness: We help you evaluate your requirements, current IT infrastructure and then formulate a robust and growth-oriented cloud strategy to address key business areas and responsibilities. With our services, you can use the full potential of cloud technology to drive sales, and get best-fit platform recommendations from our highly experienced team.

Analyze: We understand the nuances of cloud services at a core level, and can help you with deciding major factors like types of cloud (IaaS, PaaS or Saas), cloud models (public, private or hybrid), hosting options, requirement analysis, architectural guidance and deployment plans.

Adoption: Once you are sure about what type of cloud assessment will function well with your enterprise needs, you can leave it over to us to incorporate the same within your systems without any downtime or impact to your existing systems. We also provide maintenance and support to ensure maximum extraction of potential.

Why Katpro Technologies?

With our strategic cloud assessment services, you can ensure that you do not put a foot wrong in the highly rewarding world of Microsoft based cloud services.

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