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Process automation RPA

RPA in Banking: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Challenges

Banks are constantly under pressure to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Enter Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – a revolutionary technology transforming the banking industry. By automating repetitive...

Power Automate Process automation

Revolutionize Finance: Invoice to Cash Automation with Power Automate

Efficient financial operations are not just a luxury but a necessity. Organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline their processes, reduce errors, and improve cash flow. One critical area where effic...

Power Automate Technology

Streamline Your Order-to-Cash Processes with Power Automate 

Manual Order to Cash processes can lead to bottlenecks and inefficiencies. To stay competitive, companies need to modernize their traditional paper-based processes, such as sales orders and invoicing. Enter O2C...

Power Automate

Top 10 Record-To-Report Automation Use Cases Using Power Automate 

The Record-To-Report process, a cornerstone of financial management, ensures that financial data is accurately recorded, analyzed, and reported to stakeholders. However, traditional Record-to-Report processes o...

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Katpro Wins 2024 Innovation & Small Business of the Year Award

Tampa, FL – June 18, 2024 – Katpro Technologies, a leading provider of digital transformation and robotic process automation services, is proud to announce that it has been awarded both the Innovation Award and...

Exploring Procure-to-Pay Cycle & Process with Power Automate
Power Automate Process automation

Exploring Procure-to-Pay Cycle & Process with Power Automate 

The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle is a critical process that covers everything from purchasing goods and services to making the final payment. This cycle includes a series of steps like procurement, purchase order...

invoice processing using power automate
Power Automate Process automation

Solving Common Issues in Invoice Processing Using Power Automate 

Invoice processing is a critical aspect of accounts payable (AP) in any business. Efficient and accurate handling of invoices ensures timely payments, strengthens supplier relationships, and maintains healthy c...

Clutch Awards
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Katpro Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for Spring 2024  

Tampa, Florida – Katpro today announced its recognition as a 2024 Spring Global Award winner for Microsoft ECM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, ECM, Microsoft Sharepoint Developers services on Clutch, the leading globa...

South Tampa Chamber Names Katpro Technologies as a Finalist
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South Tampa Chamber Names Katpro Technologies as a Finalist

Tampa, Florida – Katpro Technologies is pleased to announce that Katpro Technologies has been named a finalist for the 4 categories: Business of the Year, Minority Business of the Year, Community Impact A...

Exploring How Power Automate Transforms Acquire to Retire Processes
Process automation

Exploring How Power Automate Transforms Acquire to Retire Processes

Manual data processing poses significant challenges, leading to errors, inefficiencies, and high operational costs. Imagine spending countless hours sorting through piles of paperwork or manually inputting data...

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