Artificial Intelligence ChatBots

AI Bots – Build Them But Build Them Strong

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionary, a maxim of the year or should we say a lifetime! A bot is software that can answer questions and respond to inputs, but intelligently. It uses Natural Language Processing or an expression to process inputs. It is a robot, a computer program that processes human conversations through artificial intelligence.

Chatbot vs App – Which is Your Best Bet?

Chatbots are in news every now and then. Companies are converting their successful applications into Chatbots. They are the inevitable reality of any business. Whether it is for marketing products or staying on top of the latest technology, Chatbots are everywhere!

Chatbots or Bots are that simple computer program, which is created to replicate or create an effective conversation, whether it is textual, spoken or any other medium.  They help in easy interactions with users and are often combined with Machine Learning and some form of Artificial Intelligence. This rapid invent is eating away the Application market.

Artificial Intelligence ChatBots – Explore Intelligence in a Bot!

We sound rather futuristic the moment we talk of Artificial Intelligence making inroads in our daily lives! What if you realize chatting up with a someone, who responds to all your queries with artificial intelligence chatbot [AI Chatbot] or an intelligent simulator? A little heavy, but it is a reality today! Let’s get you started with some basics here…