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Process Optimization and Automation Using AI

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science and it was pursued because the computers, programs and machines were made intelligent or to think like humans.

Over time, AI or Artificial Intelligence practices, intend to design software systems that mimic or display some form of human intelligence. These techniques have been engaged to aid or computerize many different actions and activities in software engineering.

Hence the attempt to make or create a computer, a software or a robot to think and act like human beings or to behave intelligent. As just as the brain, thinks, observes, perceives, and decides, the software too is created to represent this.

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Process Optimization
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The world of AI for HR, IT Helpdesk aided by Katpro

The father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, defined AI as, “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

The Technological Singularity is a hypothetical scenario that is assumed and believed to follow the invention of true Artificial Intelligence.

Katpro is aiming to seamlessly integrate and incorporate AI into everyday realms, genre, and domains. And this in a way is achieved by way of innovation and technological advancements. The end result is meant to trigger ease of use, an exponential change, and growth for the user.

Our AI interfaces are a series of “Self-Improvement” cycles that will create the first “Intelligence Explosion,” an analogy to today’s “Data Explosion” theory.

Our AI ChatBots are meant to supersede even human intelligence and one such aspect is evident in the Sentient Chatbot.

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HR Chatbots and IT Helpdesk Chatbots

It is a chat interface that has its intelligence linked to an Artificial Intelligence service with a deep learning algorithm built into it. When connected to a language repository, the BOT is able to interact with real humans in a seamless way. This in a way offers businesses and enterprises an opportunity to fully automate many of their current processes, and they can in turn cut down on:

Operational Costs (overall reduction in operational overheads spends and outlays)

Recurring Costs (any untoward, avoidable recurring costs can be cut down or eliminated)

Personnel Costs (If automation is in place, and machines can handle, manage and operate, manpower too can be reduced)


The Chatbots Applications:

HR and Staffing

Virtual Assistant (FAQs BOT)

IT Help Desk


Customer service


News, Media & Events


To help users and customers to streamline and rationalize costs and overheads, and for ease of use and better interactions , is one of the principal aims of Katpro’s Artificial Intelligence methodologies.

“You may not realize it, but artificial intelligence is all around us”- Judy Woodruff

Some sample chatbot usecases and business cases are as follows:

News , Media & Events



Virtual Assistant (FAQ BOT)



Customer Service


Chatbots can be integrated with these stacks. Some of our most successful platforms are

api white

Chatbot Development

As per Rech and Altoff (2008), “The disciplines of artificial intelligences and software engineering have many commonalities. Both deal with modeling real world objects from the real world like business process, expert knowledge, or process models.”

Before embarking on any work or project, the outline is first created with the help of the mock-up lifecycle, and stage by stage we move closer to the prototype or finalizing the model.

BOTs or Chatbots are built for the benefit of the end-user for use in multiple platforms and settings.