AI Bots – Build Them But Build Them Strong

AI Bots – Build Them But Build Them Strong

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionary, a maxim of the year or should we say a lifetime! A bot is software that can answer questions and respond to inputs, but intelligently. It uses Natural Language Processing or an expression to process inputs. It is a robot, a computer program that processes human conversations through artificial intelligence.

Yes, we are talking about integral aspects, which include data mining, machine learning, and Natural language processing [NLP] to create bots. All targeted to unlock the full potential of user data; the predictive capabilities let us learn from experience, apply insights and predict behavior.

AI Bot’s market is predicted to reach more than a hundred billion dollars in value and will keep growing. What’s more… AI giants are striving to make them really intelligent, available, affordable and sustainable. Applying these AI’s has become a need of the hour and a competitive advantage. Let us understand, what makes these AI Bots invincible and four things you need to keep in mind when you build them!

Remember these when you are building AI Bots:

1. Make your AI Chatbots Simple & Effective

AI Chatbots should be able to provide assistance, guide with a minimal amount of input from the user, value add by leveraging some stored information. It should predict or anticipate the needs of the user and respond to them with minimal deviations. It should try and automate simple tasks, which the user finds tedious and time consuming like updating a calendar entry with a doctor’s appointment and prompting another free/viable slot for accommodating another activity. Bots should save time and relieve any stressors by reducing effort.  Contextual Relevance and Integrations are vital for AI Bots to be successful.

2. Suggest and Provide Continuous Support

For a user, it always starts from the Bot introducing itself and its function of what it can do. Always, use the first few messages to introduce and explain itself, which will help in instant onboarding of the user. Then the Bot should provide useful information and continuous support. For e.g.: commands like help, more information, settings, start over and stop functionalities should be easily available through the Bot itself.  A bot should set the conversation rolling and know where to control and stop it. It should suggest related things so that the user can explore additional functionalities. The Bot should provide the right and required data and not overwhelm the user with an information overload.

3. Pep it all up – Start Simple but Add-up power features

Keep the steps, interaction of the AI Bots short and simple. Relevant responses and less wordy interactions can win users instantly. Once the user understands the functionality of the Bot and what it can do, gradually expel the training or onboarding steps and add important functionalities. It is vital to continuously engage your users by displaying expert features, which will enrich the user experience and will turn out to be very effective. AI should help users make power moves, by proactively providing small suggestions or tips for additional functionalities.

4. AI Bots & Human Intervention- A must

When AI is managed by and for people, it creates opportunities for ingenuity. AI is surely a fixture in our lives, everything, right from suggestions on the best restaurant to dine-in today, to detecting a credit card fraudulent or even automatic driving capabilities in cars. We need that Human Intervention – a smart Machine Learning algorithm to be programmed by a human, where new, innovative strategies, test out different approaches and look to the future for any upcoming challenges and opportunities.  To make it more realistic add a personality, a tone of voice, a communication style that fits the user. The content can be minimal, but the medium can be dynamic and progressive. Adding a bit more flavor or personality helps!

For any user, voice and proactive AI are destined to change interactions. They might read out emails, or monitor heart rate and make suggestions about meeting schedules or preventive health care. AI Chatbots are comprehensive tool sets that every company needs.

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AI bots can handle complex multi-step workflows, respond to questions and provide more value to the users.

Katpro can build an AI Bot for your organization, which might revolutionize the way your users interact with you. Talk to us, share your plan, we might just have that best idea for your AI Bot.

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