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Automate Your Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Processes

Are you tired of spending countless hours managing your accounts payable and purchase order processes manually? Our Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Automation service is here to streamline your operations and save you valuable time and resources. 

Say goodbye to manual data entry and lengthy approval cycles. Our accounts payable and purchase order Automation service utilizes advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to accurately extract data from invoices. This ensures swift and error-free processing. 

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting and ERP systems. This means no more duplicate data entry or the risk of data discrepancies between systems.

Accounts Payable and Purchase Order
Automation Process

Data Collection and Entry

  • The first step in AP and PO automation is to collect and digitize all relevant data. This includes invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and vendor information.
  • Automated data entry tools, such as OCR and document scanners, are used to convert paper documents into digital formats. For electronic documents, APIs are employed to extract data automatically.

Workflow Automation

  • Once the data is collected and validated, the next step is to automate the workflow processes. Workflow automation ensures that tasks and approvals are streamlined and efficiently executed.
  • Purchase order approvals, invoice processing, and payment authorizations are automated through workflow management software.

Integration and Reporting

  • The final step involves integrating the AP and PO automation system with other financial and ERP systems.
  • This integration enables seamless data transfer, reducing manual data entry errors and ensuring data consistency.
  • Reporting tools are used to generate real-time insights into the accounts payable and procurement processes.

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Transform Your Financial Operations with Our AP, PO Automation Solutions

  • digital-services

    Invoice Data Extraction

    Our advanced OCR technology extracts key data from invoices, such as invoice numbers, dates, line items, and amounts. The extracted information is then validated for accuracy, reducing manual data entry and ensuring error-free processing. 

  • automation

    Automated PO Creation

    Streamline the purchase order (PO) process with automated creation based on predefined rules and requisitions. This eliminates the need for manual PO generation, reduces delays, and ensures that orders are placed accurately and in a timely manner. 

  • infrastructure

    Custom Approval Workflows

    Tailor approval workflows to match your organization’s hierarchy and policies. Automate the routing of invoices and purchase orders to the appropriate stakeholders for review and approval, ensuring compliance and efficient decision-making. 

  • digital-services

    Vendor Self-Service Portal

    Empower vendors with a dedicated portal where they can submit invoices, track payment statuses, and communicate directly with your accounts payable team. This self-service approach improves overall vendor relationships.

  • automation

    Real-time Analytics 

    Gain valuable insights into your financial operations with real-time analytics and reporting. Monitor key performance indicators, track spending patterns, and identify bottlenecks to make informed decisions and drive process improvements. 

  • infrastructure

    Integration with Accounting

    Seamlessly integrate accounts payable and purchase order Automation with your existing accounting and enterprise resource planning systems. This ensures consistent data flow & and maintains data accuracy across different platforms. 


Embrace the future of automation with our AP, PO Automation service

  • Time and Cost Savings

    By automating accounts payable and purchase order processes, you’ll significantly reduce manual effort and cut operational costs. 

  • Improved Accuracy

    Our technology at Katpro ensures accurate data extraction, reducing the risk of human errors and data inconsistencies. 

  • Faster Approval Cycles

    With customizable workflows and automated notifications, you’ll experience faster approvals and quicker processing times.

  • Enhanced Vendor Relationships

    The vendor self-service portal fosters transparency and communication, leading to stronger and more collaborative vendor relationships. 

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