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5 Common Issues During Office 365 Migration Errors

Are you planning to migrate to Office 365 to improve collaboration and reduce costs? While Office 365 offers numerous benefits, migration can be challenging, and many organizations face common issues that can slow down the process. In this article, we’ll explore the top five Office 365 migration issues and how to resolve them.

1. Connection Issues


One of the most common issues during Office 365 migration is connection problems. To ensure a successful migration, you need to establish a connection between the source and destination services. Exchange Web Service (EWS) needs web (HTTP or HTTPS) access to do this. While connecting to https://outlook.office365.com is straightforward, other servers can be more complicated. To avoid issues, we recommend using two ways to ensure you are in the right spot and joining with the correct permissions:

  1. Log in to webmail and create an email. Then, search for the required user using the login email ID. If the user doesn’t show up, an EWS-based migration system will not see the mailbox to migrate.
  2. Use Microsoft’s Remote Connection Tool to enter the details of your mailbox server. It will automatically test if the server is available fully.

2. The Specified Object Was Not Found

  • Object Was Not FoundThis error occurs when the mailbox has been withheld from the Global Address List.
  • You can check if you have administrator access to the system by looking at the “Exchange Advanced” tab within Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • If you don’t have administrator access, you can verify if the user is hidden by searching within the Global address book from another user account or using Outlook or webmail (OWA).
  • This error may also occur if there is a folder containing a backslash \ character. Replacing it would fix the issue.

3. SMTP Address has No Mailbox Associated With It

Mailbox Associated

  • This issue usually happens when typing in the username for the mailbox to be migrated.
  • If the account is not visible within the address book, then Exchange web services-based migration tools will not recognize the report to be migrated.
  • To test this, log in to webmail (OWA – Outlook Web Access) with a user or administration account, and create a new email.
  • Then, enter the user’s email ID into the “To” field. If the address determines a current mailbox in the address book, it will display in a provided list, which is the correct response.
  • If it does not appear in the address book, then it will not be detected. If using an admin account within Office 365, ensure that a license has been assigned.

4. Server Cannot Service this Request Right Now

  • Service this Request
  • When substantial data loads happen, a request can be rejected, which can slow down the migration process.
  • t is highly recommended that you avoid migration during peak hours to reduce the chances of rejection in service requests.
  • Also, logging in to an Office user as an admin user can increase the number of data loads that can be completed.

5. Unable to Connect to the Remote Server

Service this Request

  • While logging in using webmail may not show this error, connecting to the EWS for migration can offer one of these error messages.
  • The most common reason for this error is a configured parameter limiting the server from receiving the server’s association or poor performance.
  • If you face this error, try again at a different time. You can also remove restrictions on the server to solve this issue.

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