August 2017

Need of SharePoint Document Management System

As the world is changing with the advancement of new technology, it has also brought changes in the way how businesses are done in the past and what Microsoft called the “New World of Work”.  Companies used to have offices in global locations and they have different working hours. So, the main issue is to stay connected and for that different alliance software has been used. The use of digital data has grown promptly and the protocols associated with the digital data is very complex. Companies have a hard time with collaboration and sharing as well as providing security measures and privacy of that business data. A solution was strongly needed that bridge the communication gap across different continents and time zones with tools that provide effective collaboration and data management to the fullest.

AI Bots – Build Them But Build Them Strong

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionary, a maxim of the year or should we say a lifetime! A bot is software that can answer questions and respond to inputs, but intelligently. It uses Natural Language Processing or an expression to process inputs. It is a robot, a computer program that processes human conversations through artificial intelligence.